Solar panel charger for range mobile phones and other digital devicesWhen truly night time or without sunlight, promotion the USB cable and connect with computer or wall adapter, might possibly charge from electricitySpecial torch signals and indicator lights Maintain your straight talk in full charge while on the goEfficiency solar panel to provide enough energy far from sunlightBuilt-in high capacity battery to maintain electricityKeep away from moisture and corrode of materialsUse less chemicals, related to soap or detergent scrubDo not at all disassemble, impact or put into hearth or water Stop using amongst there is swelling, leakage and smellSolar energy conversion rate: > 15%Solar panel: 5. 0V 25mACapacity of the built-in battery: 600mAh

Solar Phone Charger For iPhone/iPad/Tablet/Smart Phone - 6000mAh

Cell phone, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, LG, Nokia, HTC

Product specification (L x W x H)

Package size (L x M x H)

1 x Solar energy Charger, 1 x Cable, 5 x Adapter Cable, 4 inconvenant Adapter

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